Horse Mackerel

Horse Mackerel

We also supply frozen fish from our counterpart in China . Moreover , As we know Asia is major source for seafood both of Pacific ocean and Hindian Ocean. In other Word Asia is meand Seafood 

Horse Mackerel

We supply frozen Horse mackerel from China Origin . IQF packed in 10 Kg carton . Selected quality from selected long time partner, as a result of our long term cooperation with them .
Major specifications are :

Frozen Horse Mackerel

  • Freezing  packing : IQF 
  • Available Size : 100 / 120 Grams and 120 / 140 Grams
  • Products Origin : China

Please contact us for quoting and further detail 

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  1. Hello mr I am hamid from morocco city Casablanca compañía tasayat sea dry and fresh and frozen


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