Indonesian Pangasius

Indonesian Pangasius

Eka Seafood Pangasius Fillets

From Indonesian Pond we can supply steady supply of Frozen pangasius . We supply directly from our fresh water pond across the nations . 
Pangasius is fast growing fillet consume in Indonesian domestic market. Even more are getting stronger to challenge other white meat fish from their competitor , SEAFOOD .
Furthermore With geographic advantage bonus of Indonesia, We deliver better pangasius then other Asian countries .

Why Our Pangasius  Different ?

Here are Why 

 Our Pangasius not a just copy products from neighboring Asian countries.  Our Pangasisus ( Pangasius hypopthalmus ) is grown on the pond with Indonesian tropical soil and climate. 
Indonesian  pangasius farming is less intensive, with a low density in ponds compared to other countries in contrast , Yes we have Wider land across the archipelago nations . 
The Much better quality of water also hold the most important role on our Farming.

Pangasius Pond in Kampar
Pangasius Pond in Kampar

Hence We Supply Frozen pangasius as bellow :

  • Frozen WR Pangasius
  • Frozen Fillets , its most popular products 
  • Frozen Steaks pangasius  

However please get in touch with us here to discuses about your need 

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